Damon System

Damon System - Achieve straight & flawless smiles

The Damon System is a passive, fixed and self-litigating method of correcting malocclusion. The trend is picking up quickly, and everyone is turning to Damon System to achieve straight and perfect smiles. It is a very easy and effective method for straightening out the teeth.

Compared to conventional bracket systems, the Damon System is far more comfortable. It is painless and requires fewer appointments. Patients of all ages can undergo this treatment. It uses self-litigating technology, which reduces treatment time and discomfort.

Advantages of the Damon System:

Damon braces are a good option for patients who desire a method that is quick, convenient, and discreet.

  • Faster results. Damon braces don’t contain metal or plastic ties, so there’s no need to tighten the wire on them.
  • Fewer appointments. Lightweight, shape-memory wires allow teeth the freedom to move faster, with fewer adjustments.
  • Comfort. The slide mechanism facilitates more comfortable repositioning of your teeth.
  • Better oral health. Damon braces are easier to clean.
  • Helps with facial balance. These braces can help achieve a broader  smile with an exceptional tooth and jaw alignment.