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Dental Implant


Neglecting a tooth pain can lead to a lot of consequences. Unfortunately, this patient learnt it the hard way. The bone beneath front tooth had developed a cyst because of the accumulation of abscess (pus) due to long-standing infection. The tooth was extracted along with the surgical removal of the cyst. She was rehabilitated with DMLS prosthesis in her front teeth. We are happy to restore her smile back and boost her confidence.

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    After-Dental Implant
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Mouth Rehabilitation

Fighting for your nation is definitely an honourable and prestigious profession, but as we all know it is not an easy job. This honourable soldier lost multiple front teeth due to work related hazards. We, at Smile World were definitely more than happy to restore his Smile back with a full mouth rehabilitation.

White Fillings

Have chipped out front teeth? Don’t shy away from giving your best smile. Tooth coloured esthetic fillings is the answer for your question. Walk in to know more about tooth coloured esthetic fillings.

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    After-Broken Teeth
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